These are testimonials from our patients in their own words.

September 21, 2014

I had continuous pain in shoulder. Could no longer
carry shoulder bag until Dr. Yorker treated me.
Have been pain free since treatment.


September 18, 2013

My treatment has been great healing through
massage and strengthening in a designed
structure specifically for my healing needs.
Having chiropractic perspective with physical
therapy techniques came at just the right moment
as I entered the more advance stages of healing.
Since being in Dr. Yorker's office my arm range
of motion significantly increased, I feel much
stronger and have much less pain. Dr. Yorker and
the crew added the importance of motivational
drivers to bring out the best of me.


March 20, 2013

I started at the Wellness Chiropractic Center on
January 14th 2013 in pain. Many areas of my back
and both hamstrings were in constant pain. After
Dr. Yorker performed an evaluation and testing
of areas in my back and hamstrings a care plan
was developed. The exercises initiated after
several visits, such as the pelvic tilt and leg
exercises. The pain has come to a minimum and
disappeared in some areas. In addition, the
incorporating Massage with Cresus in the
chiropractic treatment has helped tremendously!
Overall, when the patient is committed the work
becomes easy and natural.


February 19, 2013

I love office staff and Dr. Yorker! I feel good
after all treatment. He did a good job!


February 5, 2013

I started seeing Dr. Yorker a couple weeks ago
for a mild lower back injury, and my experience
has been great so far. Right away I could tell
that he is very passionate about his work, which
is very important to me. I'm interested in
having an understanding of what is causing my
body to be in the state it is, and Dr. Yorker is
always willing to explain things and answers my
questions. He is very easy to talk to, and
always makes me feel at ease. I'm already
experiencing positive changes in my body and I
look forward to continuing my care and now
exercises with Dr. Yorker.


September 24, 2012

When I first came in to see Dr. Yorker I could
almost not move my head at all. I had radiating
pain throughout my neck and across my shoulders.
We determined through X-Rays that I have some
degeneration in my lower cervical spine, as well
as a vertebrae that is totally out of
allignment. And although we don't know if it
will return to it's original position with Dr.
Yorker's care over the past month i'm living
almost completely pain free and have regained
full range of motion in my neck. I would
definitely recommend Dr. Yorker to others!


September 20, 2012

The service from the staff is great! There has
been over 80% of reducing pain in my upper back
and shoulder.


March 30, 2012

Dr. Yorker's care has been exceptional. He has
been helpful in allowing me to travel and sleep
and participate in life much more fully than I
would be able to without his care. He has
educated me on how to exercise on nutrition and
has fit me with custom orthotics. I always feel
better after a visit with Dr. Yorker.

J. S.

February 23,2011

I hurt my back in my 20's - I was diagnosed with
2 herniated discs in my lower back. I was in a
lot of pain for about 10 years. During that time
period, I worked with sports medicane
specialists, MDs, and other chiropractors - and
experienced little improvement. But my life
changed for the better when I met Dr. Yorker.
Today I am pain free - and I owe it all to Dr.
Yorker's therapy. If you or any loved ones are
experiencing any back pain, please go see Dr.
Yorker. My quality of life is greatly improved
because of him!

Bryan E.

I started coming to Dr.Yorker years ago for some
aches and pains in my neck. After a few years I
was in a car accident which left my neck
severlly damaged(with a very ulgy MRI). I went
to all of the orthopedic doctors and PT but
found the only way I could get relief was with
an adjustment by Dr.Yorker. That was
approximately 8years ago. Today I manage the
neck pain(and other aches and sore spots) by
coming regularly to see Dr.Yorker. He's
fantastic and im always thankful that he is here
to help